Golf in Samoa

We have 3 golf courses in Samoa in our golf course database.
Take a break from your busy life with a golf holiday to American Samoa. There is plenty to do in the country, filled with nature’s beauty and lively culture.
The ‘Ili’ili Golf Course is a great place to play an 18 hole round. The course is opened to tourists and locals, both of which get the same great service. The course is in pristine condition, thanks to the ‘Ili”ili Department of Parks and Recreation. You do not need to worry about lugging your clubs on the plane with you, but you do need to bring tees and balls; you can rent clubs from the club. You can also rent carts if you would like. There is no need to set a tee time, but you should call ahead to reserve clubs or carts if you need them. The green fees are very reasonable, for the great course and beautiful surroundings you will see.

Royal Samoa Golf Club Samoa

Royal Samoa Golf Club Samoa
Golf in New Jersey presents Royal Samoa Golf Club.

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Pakistan is a South Asian state , neighbored by Arabian Sea and gulf of Oman in the South, India in the East, Iran to the south west and China to the far north east. Pakistan is blessed with all four seasons and it is a moderately warm place. Surprisingly golf in Pakistan is very popular and there are 45 registered golf courses all over the country.

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